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Matt Lauer explains why he is thankful he chose our hospice for this father.

Eileen Faro describes the gift of quality time with her mother.

“I think hospice gave us extra time. She got better and so it was a joyous time for the girls, and myself, and my husband because we were able to have more time with her. Had we not called hospice, I don’t think she would have lived a week.”

Steve Macht - When Steve's mother was hospitalized after a stroke, her doctor told the family it was time to call Hospice of Palm Beach County. Steve was surprised, thinking that hospice was only called in for the last few days of life.

"We all felt such a sense of relief as soon as we were in Hospice’s care.  We had a team of medical experts who were always there for us. Their loving care gave my mother the encouragement to go forward. They gave her the sense that each day of her life was worthwhile. This restored her hope and gave her a wonderful sense of peace."

Bruce Lewis - As her illness progressed, Hospice of Palm Beach County cared for Bruce's mother in her own home, an assisted living facility and a skilled nursing facility. Where ever she resided, she received compassionate care that adapted to her changing needs. And, her family got the education, preparation and support they needed.

"Our hospice team was always responsive and so kind - whenever we needed support, whenever we had questions. It's as though they put cushions around us and our hearts, holding us up. They were a shining light in a difficult time."

Fay Rosner - Fay’s mother was a Holocaust survivor. Because of this, it was very important to her family that she be treated with the utmost dignity and respect at the end of her life.  One of our ordained rabbis was able to offer the family the spiritual support they needed.

"When the rabbi came to the house, we all sang Jewish music and said prayers together. He guided us on the rituals and customs we wanted to provide for Mom.  He spent time with the whole family, became a trusted friend and officiated at Mom’s ceremony."

Martha Varela - When Martha's mother was discharged from the hospital, Martha and her sister were determined to care for her mother at home, but they didn’t know how they were going to accomplish that in her weakened state.

"With Hospice, we had the support to take care of Mom the way we had hoped to. What had been overwhelming was now manageable. Hospice gave us the chance to celebrate life with her and treat her like a queen. She deserved it."

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