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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t know a whole lot about hospice and I was wondering who benefits from Hospice of Palm Beach County’s care? Is it just the person who is sick?
A: Actually, everyone in the family benefits from Hospice of Palm Beach County – the person with the serious illness and his or her family, the caregivers, or anyone who needs grief support after a loss. We prepare an individualized plan of care for each patient and family; we respect the patient’s choices and are sensitive to personal, cultural and religious values and beliefs. Our services make sure that everyone is getting the proper care and attention they require during and after the period of illness.

Q: My best friend’s father has cancer and I told them about hospice care, but they don’t think they can afford it. Who pays for services provided by Hospice of Palm Beach County?
A: Every resident of Palm Beach County who needs and wants our care can have it, regardless of ability to pay. Services are paid for through Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, private health insurance, personal payments and the generous support of our community provided through donations to our patient care programs.

Q: After watching a television special on Hospice care, it seems like it’s not just for people who are close to dying. Is that correct?
A: Yes, absolutely. Hospice of Palm Beach County not only helps those that are seriously ill, but their family, too. We help people find peace of mind, and this begins early in a serious illness. We develop a plan of care that assists families to adjust to a new serious diagnosis; provide guidance on living with an illness, and assist them in caring for someone who is ill or frail. We also provide grief support and counseling to help family members cope with a significant loss.

Q: Does Hospice of Palm Beach County have specific hours of operation? When is the best time to call?
A: Hospice of Palm Beach County has a professionally trained and skilled hospice staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Physicians, nurses, counselors, chaplains and volunteers are also available 24/7 to meet every need of our patients, families and those who care for them. You can call us at any time and we’ll be there for you.

Q: My father is sick and I’m worried about my son during this period of time. If we decide on using hospice does Hospice of Palm Beach County have children’s services?
A: Yes, The John J. Brogan Bereavement Center provides support to children and teens that are facing the loss of a loved one. Hospice of Palm Beach County also has bereavement camps, which set aside periods of time for sharing thoughts, giving support and having fun. The family of a loved one is never forgotten and we are committed to comforting them through the grieving process.

Q: My mother is refusing to go into a long-term care facility. I don’t want to force the issue and feel bad for her, can Hospice of Palm Beach County care for her at home?
A: Yes. Our trained staff and volunteers can be there for those people who want to remain at home. They not only help the person that is ill, but they also help family members and caregivers cope with the stress associated with caring for someone. They provide physical and emotional care to everyone involved. Our team of professionals creates a customized plan of care for each patient, and is always there for them throughout the process.

Q: What if a person can’t remain at home, does Hospice of Palm Beach County provide care in a hospital, assisted living or nursing home facility?
A: Yes, our team of professionals works closely with facility staff so that medical and emotional support, prescriptions, supplies and equipment meet the specific needs of each patient. We are there to make certain that everyone is on the same page and working together so the patient and their family members can have peace of mind.

Q: I have heard of the term “open access hospice” – what does that mean for me and my family?
A: An open access hospice program is designed to do everything possible in order for the patient to be comfortable. An open access hospice provides more therapy programs that focus on preserving the dignity and life of the patient. Hospice programs that don’t fall into the open access hospice category are usually more interested in making a profit rather than caring for the patient and their family.

Q: Is it true that when you decide on hospice care that you can’t keep my own physician?
A: Hospice of Palm Beach County encourages the patient’s physician to follow the patient onto the program and actively participate in their care. We want everyone involved to be comfortable and up-to-date as the program moves forward.

Q: My caregivers seem to be getting fatigued because of the day-to-day work load and stress of caring for me. Can Hospice of Palm Beach County offer them assistance?
A: The trained nurses and caregivers at Hospice of Palm Beach County can help take care of you on a limited basis or on a regular basis, giving your caregivers a respite. Hospice of Palm Beach County also offers training and educational programs that teach caregivers how to deal with the stress and strain associated with their task. We understand that they are also going through an emotional period of time and we are there to help them deal with their feelings.

Q: With so much attention given to the patient, will the family of the patient receive any support, such as grief support?
A: Hospice of Palm Beach County offers family members grief support groups and workshops on how to deal with grief and mourning. It is available to everyone in the community. They provide family members an opportunity to share their grief and speak with others who have had similar losses. There is also anticipatory grief support available for children and teens.

Q: My cultural background is different from most other people, how does Hospice of Palm Beach County deal with different cultures and religious beliefs?
A: Hospice of Palm Beach County does not judge a patient or family by their cultural backgrounds or religious beliefs. We are there for everyone in the community. We provide compassionate care, add to the patient’s quality of life and relieve the pain and suffering of the patient and family. At the same time we remain sensitive and respectful to cultural and religious beliefs and practices.

Q: I really respect what Hospice of Palm Beach County does for the community and I would like to volunteer. How do I go about doing this?
A: Our volunteer program is essential to the success of Hospice of Palm Beach County. You can go to the volunteer page of our website, or you can call Hospice of Palm Beach County to speak with someone regarding volunteer work. Before you do this, please take some time to think about whether or not you can handle the loss of the people that you care for. It is a worthy cause but it can also be stressful for volunteers. We can offer you materials to read before you make your decision, so feel free to contact us at: (561) 848-5200 or email at: info@hpbc.com

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