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Volunteer News

Exciting News! We so value all that you as volunteers do to support our patients and families, our bereaved clients and our staff. As such we as a department, want not only our organization but also our communities to know how special you are and how much we value your contributions. We need your help with this. We are excited to announce the launching from the Volunteer Department, of a "Volunteer Slogan" Campaign. We want you to have a voice creating our slogan!

So we invite each of you to sumit a slogan or slogans that best describe Hospice Volunteers - one sentence that says it all. "Hospice Volunteers......" There will be a place in each office location for you to submit an idea, or you can contact your coordinators - Annie Richards at arichards@hpbc.com or call her at 561-324-1420, Nancy Smith at nsmith@hpbc.com or call her at 561-635-2958, Sara Sturman at ssturman@hpbc.com or call her at 561-281-6335, and Maura Taggart at mtaggart@hpbc.com or call her at 561-891-6840. Entries are due by November 5th and just for submitting an idea you will receive a gift card. If your slogan is chosen you will receive a Grand Prize at our Annual Volunteer Meet and Greet on Nov. 8th!

Volunteer Reports Online

We encourage you to now report your visits to patients who are in their homes, SNF or ALF using the Volunteer Visit Report online. You can record the same information on this form as the paper one. You will notice that you are unable to type in the patient’s name. This protects the patient’s identity and ensures we are compliant with HIPPA. However, you must fill in the patient’s ID number in order to submit the report.

If you are assigned a patient who gets moved to an inpatient unit and you continue to visit (which we encourage) you will fill out a Progress Note, available on the unit. Please call your coordinator with any questions.

Help Us to Recruit New Volunteers

We hold one to two orientations each month for new volunteers. If you have friends who are interested in becoming a volunteer, ask them to complete a Volunteer Interest Form on our websites or call 561-227-5138. What next – They will be assigned to the coordinator for their region, who will set up a meeting to fill out paperwork, do fingerprints and discuss their interests. Once we receive a cleared background report, they will be scheduled for training.

Electronic Records

We are transitioning from paper records to electronic records throughout the organization. Wave One has been completed and for patients, covers all teams in Broward and the South Region, the Green Team and the Lauer Unit. Wave Two is coming in May and will bring on the balance of the teams in the West Region and all of the Central Region. The Volunteer Department staff has been working diligently to enter all of your information into the new system. If you have not completed a recent Volunteer Interest Survey, your coordinator will (or has) sent you one to complete. The areas on the Survey match the fields that are in our new system and will help us to better match your interests to your assignments. So please help out by returning your surveys.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, suggestions or issues.

Thank you for being you and for doing what you do for Hospice of Palm Beach County and Hospice of Broward County!!

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